1. Some really jammin’ tunes in this week’s miscellanies from returning stars such as Juni Jarvi and Fool’s Gold, a tropical mix from Shintaro Sakamoto and some blasting rock from Wand.

  2. We’re starting this week off with some Tuareg jams from Abdallah Oumbadougou (check out the full archive from Houda Amel Arfi for some real deep cuts from the desert) and then swiftly moving north to Germany with Chris Imler. Rounding out the miscellanies are a few singles from the new records from Mazes, Avi Buffalo and everyone’s favourite lo-fi troubadours, The Rural Alberta Advantage.

  3. Today we celebrate the release of Caribou’s new album with some, erm, good old fashioned rock’n’roll. The Gotobeds, Primetime and Salford Crime Wave all blitz us into the week….

  4. A little tardy this week, the miscellanies come in with a bang from the Crash of Heavy Petting Zoo to John J Presley’s dark, stormy Devil’s Daughter.

  5. St Vincent gets a reverse in this week’s miscellanies as she (or he) becomes the subject of Deaf Wish’s musings. In addition, we have a smooth cover of the elusive Jai Paul by Cloud Castle Lake, a nice return from the newly monikered Mr Twin Sister and Beach Day’s answer to James Murphy’s confidants conundrum.

  6. An eclectic mix of sounds via Kero Kero Bonito, Movie. Tom Vek’s always intriguing take on a De Lux track and something random and new from Blood Orange…

  7. So, the start of a new century begins with biblically with the Holy Soul from the church of Salt Cathedral, some classically heavenly work from mr Sufjan Stevens and a rather charming track from Blooms.

  8. This weeks playlist gets a letter from the Queen as we boldly reach a century of Monday Miscellanies. And so it seems fitting that the slow-building but grand statement that is Queen by Perfume Genius kicks us off and we dive headlong into the miscellanies, ended by the King of the avant-garde himself, Brian Eno and his friend Karl Hyde from their great new record.

  9. I got 99 problems but this list ain’t one. Not when you get a new track from Ty Segall to rip your face off, Ex Hex to get funky to, The Bots to figure out your desires and Ought to tell you what to do.

  10. The Death of Pop this both is and is not. All This Could Be Yours when you’re Gazing From Without….

  11. We start this week’s miscellanies with Killer Bangs, both the title and the description of the track by Scotland’s Honeyblood. We’ll also psych out with the Wytches and have a blast from the past with the Dandy Warhols and Robert Plant.

  12. An open shutter to the world, the latest in a long line of HotSpotMixtapes will have to be developed, carefully printed, fixed….

  13. A cracking set of tunes from the buzzing (Costa Rican Las Robertas) to the barnstorming (Andrew Jackson Jihad) with a few funky ones in between - a new Sinkane track is always appreciated. Enjoy your Monday…

  14. Some pretty catchy tunes on this week’s miscellanies with Broncho’s sound for the summer, Joe Innes and his Cavalcade of charm, Big Deal’s grungier sound on Always Boys and a funky new one from Sinkane.

  15. The summer always makes the mind hazy and hence our miscellanies arrive a few days later than usual this week. But wait, come back, don’t hide from the sun. The catchy new track by Bishop Allen will get you hooked whilst GOAT’s latest psychedelic masterpiece and Andrew Ashong’s summertime groove will keep you there.