1. Some pretty catchy tunes on this week’s miscellanies with Broncho’s sound for the summer, Joe Innes and his Cavalcade of charm, Big Deal’s grungier sound on Always Boys and a funky new one from Sinkane.

  2. The summer always makes the mind hazy and hence our miscellanies arrive a few days later than usual this week. But wait, come back, don’t hide from the sun. The catchy new track by Bishop Allen will get you hooked whilst GOAT’s latest psychedelic masterpiece and Andrew Ashong’s summertime groove will keep you there.

  3. A swirling stream, a cyclone of sound, the irruption of intrigue…. this is Monday Miscellanies #93

  4. Slow to pick up on the grooves of Sylvan Esso, this mixtape is trying to make up for that by also throwing in a new Julia Holter release which has, as always, an icy charm. Look out too for the return of Roman Ruins and catchy ones from Remember Remember and Spider Bags.

  5. HotSpotMusic’s Half-Year Huddle

    Here we are again, time flying faster than the speed of slightly slowed down time.  But everything’s relative so let’s consider 2014 a relatively great year for music so far, even if it is somewhat arbitrary to divide a continuous musical effusion.  Enough philosophising, onto the list-making!

    So, as is customary now, here’s HotSpotMusic’s mid-year check-in.  Only this year we’re going to do something different.  Instead of picking 14 for ‘14 from the best of the year we’ll leave a little bit of space for some of the ones you might’ve missed or might’ve glossed over too.  So, 10 from the top shelf, 4 that were lost in the racks.  

    In no particular order, 10 albums I’ve loved this year…

    • Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness
    • Metronomy - Love Letters
    • Teleman - Breakfast 
    • St Vincent - St Vincent
    • Owen Pallett - In Conflict
    • Warpaint - Warpaint
    • Future Islands - Singles
    • The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
    • Beck - Morning Phase
    • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Only Run

    4 you might’ve missed

    • Strand of Oaks - Heal
    • Neil Finn - Dizzy Heights
    • Teen - The Way And Color
    • Tony Molina - Dissed and Dismissed

    The best albums of the year feature some old HSM favourites: Best of 2011 winner St Vincent and Best of 2010 winner Owen Pallett are both back with evolutionary steps in their sound as is Beck with his long-awaited and glorious masterpiece.  2014 also saw several artists finally turning potential into compelling, magical records and with it turn this writer’s vague intrigue into rapt attention: Warpaint, Metronomy, Future Islands and even Teleman (under their new guise) could hardly be removed from my digital turntable.

    As for the ones you might’ve missed… well, Neil Finn’s beguiling and smart record is undoubtedly helped by the production of Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann as he makes his most interesting album in decades.  Strand of Oaks combines epic and driving guitars with earnest Americana whilst Teen take a thoroughly fresher approach to reevaluating American pop music with their quirky take on R’n’B.  And it’s probably taken you longer to read this than it would to enjoy the average Tony Molina song, each one packing the sweetest power pop punch.

    And since there were so many great records that this was a hard list to compile, I decided to take the easiest way out and make a bumper playlist of over fifty songs from all of my favourites from the year so far.  Enjoy!

  6. A selection of dark, ethereal, intriguing and vibrant tracks from all over the planet in today’s miscellanies…

  7. The Romans would have called it XC… I call it excellent. This is the 90th Monday Miscellany playlist…. here to kickstart your week.

  8. This week’s miscellanies mark the return of several acts I listened to obsessively just a few short years ago. Welcoming back Juni Jarvi, Miracle Fortress and Tom Vek makes me very excited - alongside some nice new sounds from The Proper Ornaments and Roommates.

  9. Coming at you on a Tuesday, this playlist will fuel the rest of your sunny week….


    Having just stumbled upon the wonder that is the Speedy Wunderground collection of recordings I feel compelled to include my favourites as the large part of this week’s miscellanies. Some great tracks in here, all recorded in under one day, from artists like Steve Mason, Natasha Khan and Childhood. Read more about Speedy Wunderground here: thequietus.com/articles/11362-speedy-wunderground-dan-carey-interview-listen-steve-mason-emilana-torrini-toy-i-go-out

    Last but not least you have new discoveries from Deer Tick, Geraint Rhys and garage rockers Scott & Charlene’s Wedding.

  11. Frango Morango is another in a long line of HotSpotMixtapes and is a feast for the ears and the soul. Let it feed your summer…..

  12. This week’s miscellany mix is a Gump-mix - it’s like a box of chocolates. Brown and filled with nuts. No, it’s merely a variety selection today with some garage rock mixed with classical music mixed with folk and dropping in a bit of synth pop. Delicious.

  13. Today’s miscellanies have a cracking new track from rising artist Benjamin Booker alongside a sneak preview of the new Christopher Owens record, which will hopefully be better than his last and back to more of the Girls-sound.

  14. Okay, okay… this is going to be a good on today. We have Avey Tare, yes he of Animal Collective, and his new band, a strange but beautiful track from the Horrors, something equally unusually wonderful from TEEN and several more….

  15. Cajita is the plum pick of this week’s miscellanies with a beautiful, sombre song that tugs at your consciousness. Also, we have new Eels and a few pieces of gloriously rag tag lo-fi punk.